Tuesday, February 28, 2012

XOOM stuck on dual core logo screen (how to fix)

My XOOM was stuck on the Moto dual core logo screen last night. Soft reset (Volumn up + Power) did not work. It reboot, then still stuck on the logo screen. I searched on the web and the popular solution is to reinstall the ROM (requires android SDK and ROM at moto dev site).

This is how I fixed my issue without installing the ROM (XOOM wifi only US edition):
0. take out the microSD card if you installed one in your XOOM!!!
1. reboot (Vol up + Power)
2. On start-up when you see the Motorola logo, press and hold the Volume Down key.
3. When you see the Android recovery text, press the Volume Up key to put XOOM tablet in recovery mode. After a few min, you should see a Green Android laying down with the triangle and an exclamation (Android recovery screen).
4. On the Android recovery screen, press and keep holding the Power button then press and release the Volume Up key. This will take you to the recovery screen with list of menus.
5. Using Volume Down key navigate to Wipe data / factory reset option and press Power button to select it.
6. Select Yes, delete all user data option using Power button
7. My XOOM is fixed this way. time to set up the account again.