Monday, March 31, 2008

Remove Source Control Binding on Visual Studio 2005

Source control in VS2005 is great. However, there are times when you want to unbind the projects from the Source control (wanted to write some test code, but don't want to check the code out). I used to do it manually by searching the .vss in the project directory and then, manually edit the solution file or the project files. It works, but it's painful.

The correct way to do it is listed below and I hope it will save you time in the future.

1. Open the project/solution in the VS2005.
2. Click File -> Source Control -> Change Source Control.
3. The Change Source Control window will pop up. You can see all the binding information from here.
4. Select all the projects you don't want to bind to the source safe and click the unbind button.
5. A confirmation dialog box will pop up. Click OK to unbind your project/solution from the source safe.

This will safely removing the binding between your project and the source safe.